Regestration Transfer

When the Vehicle is being sold and then the registration transferred to the new registered owner. 

Required Documents: 

Photo ID 

Certificate of Title 

Md Inspection Certificate


When replacing any lost or stolen license plates,

stickers, registration cards, etc.. For your vehicle.

Required Documents:

Photo ID

Proof of Ownership :

-Maryland Certificate of Title

-Current Registration

Application for Replacement Plates,

Stickers, Documents

Duplicate Title

When the certificate of title is lost or the title is an electronic one, then you will need to request a Duplicate Title from the Maryland DMV. This will be need when you are in the process of selling/buying vehicle. 

Required Documents: 

Photo ID 

Current Registration 

Lien Satisfied/Legal Owner/Title Holder Release

Legal Owner Transfer

When changing only the legal owner (lien holder) of a vehicle. This occurs when you have either paid off the existing lien (loan) or when you are simply changing the legal owner (lien holder) while the registered owner remains the same.

Required Documents:

Photo ID 

Maryland Certificate of Title 

Lien Satisfied/Title Holder Release

Update Registration

When updating/changing any information on the registration of your vehicle you will need to fill out some forms and submit them. This includes address, names, etc.. 

Required Documents: 

Photo ID 

Proof of Ownership

Registration Renewal

Yearly vehicle registration renewal.

Required Documents: 

Photo ID 

Past Registration Card


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